Month: June 2018

A Closer Look at Gold Watches for Men

Gold is known for its ability to resist tarnishing, it is durable, it is strong and it is attractive. The limited range of jewelry types which are available for men means the market in watches is vibrant and healthy at any time.

What is gold in a watch?

Almost every part of a watch could be made of gold. The buckle if you have a leather strap, the strap if you have a metal one. In terms of the watch part, you could have either a gold or a gold-plated case. The dial or the hands could both be gold as could the crown and pushers. Gold watches for men are both adornment and investment.

Gold or Gold Plated

The ideas behind the production of a gold-plated watch were to give it the look of a gold watch without the price tag. It seems like a good solution. Offering the style and elegance but not asking top dollar.

The problem is the metal underneath will at some point come through. There is no market for second-hand gold watches for this exact reason. No one is going to steal a plated watch for resale unless they don’t know any better.

You can tell by the back, incidentally. A plated watch will have a stainless-steel back.

Gold watches for men

If you’re buying a watch because you love it and it is plated, remember it is possible to get it repainted. Just don’t expect to resell it for what you paid.

Another option – a two-color

If you want the gold parts of your watch to be gold, you can always opt for a bi-color watch. You will have seen these where a stainless steel bracelet has a different color in the links in the center, and the bezel, crown or pushers match the link.

This falls somewhere between the price of the solid and plate and means the gold parts are solid.

Gold never goes out of style

As with rings, there are more colors than yellow. Watches come in rose, yellow or white gold so if you feel yellow looks ‘off’ with your skin tone you have an alternative.

Gold watches for men are sometimes relegated to being a dress-watch only. There is even a debate as to the suitability of gold as a sports watch. If you can afford a gold watch, have what you want with no rules.

Where and Why Should I Find a Gluten Free Food List?

You are dealing with celiac disease or advanced gluten intolerance and you just learned about it. Now what do you do? It is not as simple as not eating wheat. That will not be enough because there are other grains and foods that have gluten. They may taste good and you think they are gluten-free, but they are not and that is a bad sign for you.

You will need to find a list of all the foods which are free from any gluten. This is especially true if you are dealing with something as severe as celiac disease. This is one that you typically need to be diagnosed with in order to know you have it. The major signs of celiac are the inability to digest any food, skin rashes, fevers, water retention, and symptoms of persistent illness.

If you have these symptoms, go see a doctor and begin cutting out all gluten containing foods entirely. Though this may not be so easy at first, do it anyway. There are plenty of foods you can eat and they will be found on a gluten free food list when you find one of the better ones.

You will want to have just such a list if you want to find the good substitutes to the grain foods that do have gluten. Just because you cannot have gluten does not mean you have to give up breads, pancakes, cookies, and crackers. Just look in the health food sections of grocery stores and you will find all of the options for this in a section for gluten-free products.

At first, you will learn about all of the grains that have gluten. Then you will learn about the various foods that are made from these. Even some hamburgers are made with wheat products. Sauces and soups, as well as other foods you would not suspect of having gluten will indeed have it. The same is true for something as simple as “vegetable broth.”

It is easy to understand that you will need to be careful both with celiac and basic gluten intolerance.