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How to Choose Dab Rigs

How about a dab? If you’re a stoner, then you certainly need to dab. It is the new way to indulge in cannabis and one that most smokers fully enjoy. But, to dab, you need a good rig. You can find many dab rigs for sale, but it is important to carefully choose the right model for your smoke. It isn’t hard to find a great dab!

dab rigs

There are rigs in small, large, and medium sizes. Each smoker has their personal preference, of course, however, it is the smaller rigs that bring the best smoke, according to most. So, when you are sorting through the options, keep your eyes set on a small rig for best results. Not only do most people agree that it is easier to use a small rig, the flavor is also more intense!

Look for a product that has a small mouthpiece. With a small mouthpiece, itis much easier to taste the flavor of the vapor and enjoy the smoking experience to the fullest. There are dabs that have mouthpieces of all size, so it is important to carefully check the size of the piece before spending your money.

Next, what type of water filtration system does the rig use? You certainly do not want to use a rig without water, although there are types without water bases. Make sure there is a great filtration system on the rig that you choose. And, of course, pay attention to the percolation of the rig. This is equally important if you want to enjoy the best smoke sesh possible.

What material is the rig made from? When buying a bong, you will find them in glass and plastic and vinyl materials.  Most people prefer to use the glass bong because it is more durable. Of course, you want to make sure that you do not drop the bong after you start smoking. The joint size is important, and dictates the amount of airflow that you receive. A 10 mm joint in the rig is the perfect size for dabbers.