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Promoting YouTube Content

A lot of people have this idea that if you want to get your channel to a good position, all you must do is put out good content. And while they have the first half of the job handled, they are not doing the rest. Think about it in this way – how do you find content on YouTube? Do you just have some inspiration in your mind that someone has created a new video and it is great? No, that is not how it works. And YouTube has no quality control either, which shows us the best videos.

In fact, we would argue there is no such thing as best anything on YouTube. There is just the content that has the most views, and is the most popular. If you want your channel to get a lot of views, which can help you make money off your content, then you need to be promoting your content. That is the only way that it will ever get to a point where it is relevant, and that is where you want to go. We are going to show you a method that is going to help you in a big way.

This method involves you buying likes and views for your channel. You will post up a video, go on another site, and you will buy YouTube likes and views. The process that is involved when you buy YouTube likes is so easy. All you do is go on that site, put in the YouTube link for the video that you just uploaded, and you click on how many likes that you want. You will also decide how many views you want. We would say that starting at 5000 or 10000 views is a good spot if you want to grow your channel.

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But what about likes? How many should you be getting? Do not go overboard. Look at other videos. If a video gets 10,000 views, the most likes you will see are 2000. And that is on a good day. Mostly it is 10 percent. Out of every 100 people that watch a video, ten will click on the like button. That is just how it goes. And you should keep the same ratio for your channel, because anything that is too high will be suspicious. If you have 10000 views and 5000 likes, people will know that something fishy is going on. They know how YouTube works.

We think that if you have good content, this method is what you need. You have already worked so hard to get your YouTube setup. Whether you vlog or you are just sitting in front of your camera and making videos, you have got your setup just right. You are producing videos that are not only interesting, but they look very good and professional. You are also working hard on editing so that everything is ideal when you post up your video. That is great. Now you can use this method so you will get the attention that your channel deserves.