Nicola Morrison

07951 871 657

I currently produce two collections of jewellery called 'Square Components' and 'Segments'. Both collections consists of an eclectic mix of textured components made from precious metals. The textures I create on the components are based on a range of inspirations including Japanese textile companies


I create textures on metal through rollprinting a range of different papers including handmade paper from Japan.To highlight and contrast the different textures, I oxidise silver and use different carats of yellow gold. In many pieces, such as my brooches, the components are held within silver or steel wire frames.


My collection of work ranges from precious metal earrings, bangles, cufflinks, brooches to large steel neckpieces and interlocking steel brooches.I am also available forcommissions.


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Component Ring
Large Doily Neckpiece
Component Frame Brooch
Textured Earrings
Scratch Cufflinks
Five Component Bangles (BA1)
Concave Segment Bangle
Segment Collection


Wedding Collection